Monday, 6 February 2012

Mr Frosty & Stuff

I was planning on giving you an update on Mr Frosty when I got home from work... but things did not go according to plan today.

At about 11.20am I got a phone call from one of DH work colleagues, he had been taken to A&E with kidney pains again.  This time all of the pain was in the left side (the last 3 stones have been in the right kidney).

I have never seen A&E so busy!!! To say it was manic was an understatement.  DH is now back on the Surgical Emergency Admissions Unit & due to have a scan tomorrow morning to confirm if another kidney stone is the cause of the pain! 

Seeing DH in so much pain was upsetting (he scored it at 10 out of 10!) I really don't know which is worse; being in pain or watching your loved one in pain knowing that there is nothing you can do to stop it!

The good news is that the pain has stopped and DH has settled down for the night.  I just sent him a text to say that I was home safe & sound and to wish him a good night sleep and to 'Mind the Bed Bugs don't Bite'... and his reply - "No bugs in hospital they are not allowed - the government said so!"  I guess this is proof that he is feeling a bit better.

Mr Frosty the 2nd
Now, onto my real reason for this post... Mr Frosty.  He is now 1 1/2 days old, unfortunately he is also having a few health problems:
  • Frost bite (or lack of frost) has caused his nose to fall off;
  • One of his eyes has fallen out of its socket;
  • He has lost the use of his arms (they are now hanging limp by his side)
He has already lived longer than the original Mr Frosty - he survived approx 15 hours. 

I will update you on the progress of both DH & Mr Frosty tomorrow.


  1. Fingers crossed DH has a good night and is feeling better in the morning xx

  2. Just to say thanks for the thoughts. I am now home and almost pain free - thanks to a great stuff called morphine. A big thanks to our medics, the ambulance crew, A&E and all the staff on the SAEU al Lincoln Hospital. Helen's DH