Saturday, 18 February 2012

Eddie Stobart Spotting

I have mentioned before that I have joined the Eddie Stobart Club. Over the years when travelling around the UK the call of "EDDIE" can often be heard, I had always said that it would be nice to find out how many names have been used on the various Eddie Stobart cabs over the years.

However the only way to get a full list of past & present names is to become a member - so I finally got around to joining!!

I was amazed to find that "Helen Ann" was already in use, the bad news is that she went out of service on 1 January 2012 :-( and I was never able to see 'my' Eddie.

Recently DH & I visited the Newark Depot, it was really just a way to get a number of Eddie spots in a short space of time.

We arrived and parked out of the way of the incoming & outgoing lorries.  As DH is a keen photographer he said that he would take photos of the various lorries for me (the Club Stobart web site has the ability for you to upload photos & many are missing).

I must say that I was impressed with the attitude of all of the drivers we saw, as soon as they noticed that we had a camera they all slowed down to allow DH to take a photo!

Before we went to the Depot we had stopped at McDonalds to get a Cuppa... we were sat in the car drinking when a Eddie driver pulled alongside to speak to us!!!  Well, I was expecting to be told that we could not park on the road outside the Depot - but I was wrong!!!

This driver wanted to know where Eddie Spotters post their photos, as his daughter had never seen a photo of him driving an Eddie lorry.  Sadly he was not one of the drivers we had seen come in so we could not really help. 

While talking to the driver he mentioned about the new trailers celebrating Rugby Super League, there will be 14 different designs on 100 trailers.  While at Newark we saw 3 different designs & in just over 1 hour I was able to add another 19 Eddies to my Spotter List :-)

For anyone not in the UK, Eddie Stobart is a big haulage company with approx 2,250 trucks on the roads of the UK.


  1. Lol! I must admit I don't really get the whole Eddie thing but each to their own...I think it partly comes from having an OH who is obsessed & he ends up boring me... I enjoyed reading your post! I even went so far as to order him some stuff for Christmas from their website & now have to suffer the indignity of looking at an ES mug each morning!!

    I bet if that driver googled it, he'd find loads of pictures xx

  2. We spent whole family holidays looking out of car windows to spot a Stobart truck! I still do it now!