Tuesday, 10 April 2012

An Amazing Movie

Yesterday DH & were sat down in the living room with the TV on but not really watching it (we were both working on our laptops) when this film started.  Initially we were not watching it but before too long we were both hooked.

The movie was called 'The Lamp' and was produced in 2011. As for what the film was about I decided to take the description from the web site (it said it better than I could LOL):

In what seems to be the final days of their already strained marriage, Stanley and Lisa Walters (Jason London & Meredith Salenger) are presented with a strange gift – an old oil lamp.

Along with the lamp comes a mysterious messenger (Louis Gossett Jr) and a statement that will cause them to search the depths of their hearts to find its truth.

All things are possible if you... Just Believe.
It is a great family movie that one minute had me in tears and the next laughing & I must say that the dog (Cooper) is just soooo cute :)

I am now going to have a look at the book and download a copy to my Kindle :)


  1. I shall look out for this movie ! sounds good. Your post made me laugh, you and your hubby both on laptops - earlier tonight I realised that hubby was on his laptop doing his work - I was on my laptop doing my crafting - or not, basically on UKS etc, son and his girlfriend both on their laptops and DD on hers ! No wonder we've just had to book infinity fibre optic from BT ! thanks for the heads up on the film (again) though.

  2. just catching up on your blog, was the book like to film or had they cut parts out.