Friday, 20 April 2012

Not 1 but 2

The majority of the cards that I create I do so because I enjoy the process and the creativity of paper craft.  Occasionally I have been asked to create a card for someone in particular and have even been paid for my work.

This week I was asked by 2 different people to create 2 cards, 1 for a 50th Birthday and 1 for a 90th Birthday!

Once I had been given a few clues about the recipient for each card I was able to set to work...

 This card was created using a bit of left over balloon paper for the background and and sheet of A4 cardstock for the card.  The image is printed from 'The Heart if The Garden' CD.  A very simple and effective card.  The verse inside the card reads:

It’s your 90th birthday
May it be the happiest and the best.
Outshining, Overshadowing, Outdoing

And, indeed, eclipsing, all of the rest!

By Jon Bratton

The second card was also a simple design (as you have probably worked out I don't do complicated! LOL)  so I used Cream card stock for a A6 blank.  Using one of my Labels Dies I created the 'Book' and used Pinflair to lift the top pages at the edge.  The little bear with the bottle of bubbly was a die cut topper from the 'Celebration' range.

Looking back at both cards the 90th Birthday just few together, the papers and colours all worked well together, without really have to think about it.  The 50th Card was the complete opposite, it took ages and I really had problems finding the right colours and size of card... but I got there in the end.

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