Thursday, 19 April 2012

I Finally Did It...

On the 1 September I achieved my 2 stone of weight loss (4th Silver Seven).
Between then and today I have been loosing a bit, then putting it back on.

Today sees me finally achieve my 5th Silver Seven, with a total weight loss of 35.5lbs!!!!!

I am so pleased, this week has been a nightmare and to achieve this tonight was a surprise.

To celebrate tomorrow night DH & I will be going out for a meal :)


  1. Congrats Helen, WOW!!! fantastic news, well done, enjoy your treat meal with your DH, Hugs May x x

  2. Well done Helen, I know how hard it can be - my last silver 7 was in October - my 6th... and since then its been up and down like a bloomin' yo-yo... all I can do is just keep trying to be positive and stay off the chocolate!