Friday, 6 April 2012

Florida 2010 8x8 Layouts

At the Crop on Wednesday evening I was able to complete 1 x Double Layout and 1 x Single Layout & I must say that I am pleased with both.

1st the Single Layout...

I used background paper and a tag from the Paper Pack I brought from Kennedy Space Centre.  The little space man is a wooden button that I found at the NEC.

The Journalling reads - "Jimmy joined others on the Shuttle Lauch Experience.  As for me I watched from the gallery."

In the gallery was a TV screen showing those on the 'experience' I used my camera to take a photo and point out DH. 

The Double page layout featured the Newspaper you saw on my workdesk back on Wednesday morning...
Left Page

Right Page
The Journalling reads - "On 20 July 1969 the first man walked on the moon.  One display featured a selection of Newspaper front pages from around the world."

I took photos of a number of the newspapers and I wanted to use Newspaper print on the layout, so I kept a couple of pages from the daily newspaper that had columns of text - I then cut these into strips to use as part of the background.  The Layout was finished off with the Kennedy Space Centre logo (from the Paper Pack) and a rub-off split between the pages saying "The Eagle Has Landed".

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