Monday, 2 April 2012

Month In Numbers - March 2012

As it is now the end of the month it is time to look back at March 2012, along with Julie over at the Notes on Paper Blog... - If you want to view other Month In Numbers posts or find out how to take part take a look at Julie's blog.

3 The number of nights I was 'Home Alone' while DH was away in London. I always find that it takes me several nights to get used to being in the house on my own as well has having the bed to myself... by the time I get used to it DH returns :)

At one point this month we had a total of 111 Daffodils in flower in our Garden - yes I did go round and count them all LOL.  This picture is of the area outside of the living room window (and yes, there are owls here too!!!).  We also have a number of other bulbs & spring flowers starting to show their heads, but you can't beat daffodils.

190 Miles to Cambrdige & Back for the Cambridgeshire Family History Society Computer Group meeting

1 unusual visitor to the back garden. I walked into the kitchen & found this pheasant sitting on the back fence just above Delta's aviary.  I don't think that Delta was too happy about her being there LOL!!

6 Nights away in Thetford Forrest (at Thorpe Campsite) staying in our caravan. We were really luck and chose the best week of March (last week), we had an amazing week and spent time just relaxing and going out & about in Norfolk.

I have now spotted a total of 188 different Eddie Stobart vehicles since joining the Members Club in December.  This total takes me to 1305 on the Spotters League Table.  So far I think that my favourite vehicle is "Molly Moo", I don't know why but just saying the name makes me smile.

2 Rides each on the 'Gallopers' other wise known as a Carousel at Bressingham Steam & Gardens. This picture was taken by DH holding out the camera at arms length.  It took several attempts to get this photo as we were both moving at different heights.  Just another reason to have a giggle.

One of the places we visited during the week was The English Whisky Co and took a Tour of the Distillery.  This visit was amazing and although I would not normally touch Whisky (I find it too strong) after the tour we did get chance to have a few small samples - After trying 4 different drinks I did find one that I liked (a Sherry with Single Malt Whisky added)


  1. I love the photo of you on the carousel - you both look so happy! I haven't been on one for years ... I must rectify that!

    And I love that you counted the daffs [I think we had about 6 ... so would have been a lot quicker for me to count!]

    Thanks for counting and playing along with me - I've added you to the Pinterest board now:

    I hope you have as much fun in April!

    Julie :-)

  2. Love the Carousel picture. :) And a great time to pick a holiday, glad the weather was nice :)

  3. Oh great numbers. I love the photos too.

  4. The carousel picture really made me smile - a great month in numbers. I am now resisting going out to count all my daffodils LOL!!