Monday, 15 August 2011

It's Monday Again...

Where did the weekend go????

DH & I had a busy weekend with a quick trip into town for shopping in the morning, then came the bit I had been putting of time & time again... Clearing out the spare room!!!!!

If I am in a 'Tidy' mood then there is not a problem - but I was not!!!  In 2 weeks time DH sister & family will be staying with us and will need to use the spare room.  On Saturday morning you could not see the beds at all and the floor was a bit hit and miss (sad to say non of this was craft stuff!).

I did get on and by Saturday evening you could see the floor and use the beds (well almost LOL).  The loft now contains more insulation (but I did throw out several bits).  Over the next couple of weeks I just need to finish putting thing away, but that should be OK.

Also during the afternoon I had a 'Spring Clean' in my wardrobe... things that had not been worn for a while were put into bags for the charity shops.  On a positive note a large number of clothes also went into the charity bag because they no longer fit - this is such a good feeling.  To know that I have lost 2 stone in weight and now clothes are too BIG. 

On the down side it does mean that I have to go our shopping for clothes, which is not my favourite type of shopping!! Saturday morning saw me spend £115 on clothes - but they were a size 14 and not 16/18 :0

I did get chance to create 1 card on Sunday which was for the Less is More challenge, but I have not yet taken a picture... hopefully I will do this later and get it added as soon as possible.

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