Wednesday, 31 August 2011

WOYWW - 31 August 2011

It's Wendnesday again, so time for a look at my Work Desk...

Since I brought My Hougie Board and found how easy it was to create a Stepper Card I wanted to create them in a different size from the instructions, as at the moment a A5 Card is just too big for me to work with.

So, my thinking cap went on and I used the Hougie Board instructions to try and figure out the maths side, now I have been able to do that I can create a Stepper Card any size I want!!!!

On my desk at the moment is:

The Hougie Board Instructions
A card that went wrong (made using plain printer paper)
My workings out (on scrap paper)
A card that went right (also on printer paper)
The finished card (using a 5x7 card blank)

Not bad for 30 minutes work!!! All I need to do now is decide how to decorate it... that is the hard bit for me, and I can tell you now that it will take more than 30 minutes!!

When I get chance I will create a How To... for my 'Any Size' stepper card.


  1. A really useful piece of kit - you'll find so much to use it for. Have fun!! LLJ xx

  2. Well done you - I'd love to have a go at one of these cards some time.

  3. Dropped by for WOYWW, now I"ll have to go research what a Hougie board is and what stepper cards are. Not familiar with either - but will learn! Thanks.

  4. Wish mine was half as tidy!!!

  5. At least your desk looks like you're actually doing some work! Mine is chaos!

  6. Never done a stepper card - looks interesting! xx

  7. Sounds very interesting. Hougie board? Never heard of it, hopefully its not something else I'll just 'have' to get.
    Happy WOYWW

  8. look like a great asset to scrap draw is full of mis-foldings!Thanks for the peek
    Sarah at 4

  9. I've got a Hougie too and find it a really useful tool. I look forward to seeing your card decorated - and, yes, it would probably take me more than 30 minutes too :) Elizabeth x #51