Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Not Quite What I Wanted...

Once again I had an idea in my head for the Less is More challenge (a 1 Layer Card using Ink), but it did not go quite to plan... I wanted to use an Angel stamp I had and create the impression of 1 main angel, with a couple more in the back ground.

So I got out my Embossing Ink Pad and created a single image, added the Gold Embossing power and heated... so far so good.

I then created a mask of the image and put that over the top of the Embossed Angel.  Inking the stamp again with the Embossing Ink I stamped 2 more Angels (so they would appear in the back ground.

Now for a first attempt it was not bad, but It was not quite what I was looking for!

My 1st Attempt
Attempt number 2... this time I did not use the Embossing Powder, just the ink, this one I did like but the 1st stamped image was not great :(
My 2nd Attempt
For my 3rd attempt I decided to try it on White Paper... The 1st Angel was stamped & embossed in Gold and did look good.  I then tried to use only the Embossing Ink for 2 more 'stood behind' her... the other 2 Angels did not really show up.
My 3rd Attempt
In hind site I should have stoped the 3rd attempt after embossing the Gold Angel... never mind, I guess I can cut her out and use her again on another card.


  1. Very often quite different techniques emerge from what one starts out to do. Have you tried sponging with a little ink over the images... you may find that they stand out a little more that way. It's always good to have a play anyway.
    Thanks so much for these three cards.
    Lady LIM
    "Less is More"

  2. Hi Helen
    I think the embossing looses the fine detia of you rlovely angel, maybe it woudl be best not to emboss her. I think It add some sublt shading to highliht the central image, it woudl give a bit more depth

    Thanks so much for another submission
    Diva LIM
    "Less is More"

  3. Aww lovely idea, shame they didnt turn out how you'd hoped, I like the 2nd card out of the 3 of them xx

  4. A great angel stamp. Love the third card, she looks great on her own. xx

  5. You sound like me...I seem to overthink it...but I think they turned out nicely!!

  6. I enjoyed all the different versions - I like them all :) - beautiful image can see why you like it.

  7. These are a million times better than I usually produce and the ideas are great. Isn't it awful to not be satisfied with your own work? Other people see it so differently thankfully.:)