Tuesday, 23 August 2011

To Scrap or Not to Scrap????

That is the question... but what is the answer.  Recently I started to think about the amount of scrapbooking I do.  My thought process goes like this...

  • Why do I create scrapbook pages? that answer is easy because I enjoy working with paper & creating things.
  • Who will look at my scrapbooks? well, most of the time it will be just me & DH - I do occasionally show others my books, but they are for me.
  • How often do I get my Scrapbooks out? Hardly at all, most of my albums live in the top section of my wardrobe and rarely see the light of day.
  • Who will look at them after I go? the sad answer is probably Nobody, DH & I don't have kids so the albums won't be passed on to anyone. 
Up to know I have never really got into cards, and I am still a really new card maker.  Part of me is enjoying making cards more than I am Scrapping at the moment.

I do however still plan to keep scrapping, but the amount of pages I create for My own albums will reduce.  I will still create layouts for my nephew's Album (especially as he now has his own 12x12 album).

Pictures from our 2010 Florida Holdiay will be created on the computer and then printed out to fit a 8x8 album.  I will also create odd pages for various holidays... I just won't be creating pages for everything.

Over time maybe my thoughts will change, and I will return to Scrapping with vengence.  At the moment however, I think that Cards are the right way for me to go. 

The other thing I am enjoying at the moment creating cards is that I am able to learn new things with cards, techniques that I would not use for Scrapping.  The challenges I have found also gets me thinking and something to look foward to.

Well that is it for my thought at the moment - especially as my brain is starting to hurt from thinking too much LOL.

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  1. I mainly scrap for me & have a few friends that I enjoy the process of scrapbooking with (as well as the tea & cake :D) Although I have told my family that I will haunt them from beyond the grave if they try to get rid of my scrapbooks when I am gone lol.