Monday, 8 August 2011

Trip to the Library

I really was not sure what title to give his post, so I finally went with the one you see... the reason behind by indecision was this: it was not an ordinary trip to the library, we arrived before the library opened and did not leave until after it had closed! 

I can hear you asking: WHY!

So I will tell you... On Saturday not only did DH & I attend the library but we also took our kids too.  Now this was the challenging bit - the library has nice clean carpets and our kids are not toilet trained (and they don't wear nappies).  So that we don't upset the Library or cleaners we cover the area we are going to use in dust sheets (or any other type of sheet), this will ensure, hopefully LOL that the carpets stay clean - however just in case we do carry a 'Carpet  Cleaning Kit'!

Once we had covered the area, we brought in the Kids and sat them on each of their bocks.  We had been told by the staff that the library would normally have about 60-70 visitors on a Saturday morning (it is open between 10am and 1pm).  At 10am the doors were open and the rush arrived.  We were busy the whole day with a steady stream of people who came to visit the owls.

Towards the end of the morning the number of people visiting started to quieten down, and we got chance to take a few pictures...

This is Ufo our Little Owl on one of the Book Towers, all of the children's books featured owls

Delta our European Eagle Owl reading one of the children's books
The photos were taken as a bit of fun (no owls where harmed in the taking of these photos :) LOL).  The event had been organised by the Library for 2 reasons, as an event to benefit the library and encourage people to visit & secondly to help raise money for the Raptor Foundation (all of the money we raised on the day goes to help pay the vet bills).

It was a very enjoyable day (and extremely busy!!) the Library had new visitors and a total of 265 people visited the library on Saturday and we also raised money to help pay the vets bills.

All in all a very good Saturday morning.

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