Sunday, 21 August 2011

Marie Curie Walk Ten

Last night DH & I (and some friends) took part in the Marie Curie Walk Ten.  It is a similar idea to the 'Race for Life' only it is over 10km (6miles) and it is a walk and not a race.

Last night we were walking around the grounds of Grimsthorpe Castle, near Bourne, Lincolnshire.  There were 220 people & assorted dogs walking the course. It was a great evening finished with a Hog Roast and Fireworks :)

At the beginning of the evening all 5 of us got a daffodil pained on our faces - just because we could LOL... here is the evidence.

The last 1-2km were hard work (especially as they were up hill!!!!), but we all crossed the finish line in 2 hours & 5 minutes. 

I am so proud of DH for completing the 10km, especially with his current health problems. 

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