Saturday, 20 August 2011

More than an envelope

As you had probably gathered most of my posts are done during the week as weekends are just too busy - but saying that I have a busy week comming up!

However, I just needed to add a quick post from me... I'm not sure what they are called but I just made and envelope/box thing.  I needed to create something to put my Dad's birthday Envelope Book into (photos will be posted after his birthday :) ) An Evelope was going to be too skinny and a box too fiddley (it's only about 0.5cm deep).

So I mixed the 2 together.  After I had worked out the paper size I was going to need my new Hougie Board made the rest soooooo easy.  I was amazed how quick & easy it was - and I think it looks Brilliant!!!! - and it was so easy (did I just say that??). I think you get the idea LOL.

I will post a photo & hopefully a 'How To...' later on in the week.

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