Thursday, 11 August 2011

LIM - Nations Flags (Part 2)

I have just finished my 2nd card for the Less is More challenge (using the colours of your Nations Flag - Red, White & Blue of the Union Jack)... I had the idea but actually creating what I though of has really got me thinking hard.

The idea was to use Ribbon, I had decided to weave it to create a topper for a card... well that was the idea, in practice it was slightly different.

I created a frame with card stock to stick the vertical ribbons to and then wove the horizontal ones between them.  I was then going to sick the 'frame & Ribbons' onto the front of the card.  However this did not look very good. 

After putting on my thinking hat, I ended up with a white card (even thought the light make it look pink) and cut a 7x7cm hole in the front. The frame sits at the back of the card, creating a sandwich with the ribbon between the main card and frame.

I am quite happy with the outcome and this was the first time I have tried to weave ribbon and I don't think I will be doing so again!  But it was fun trying.


  1. Your ribbon weaving is a triumph Helen!
    The card looks great!
    Thanks again.
    Lady LIM
    "Less us More"

  2. Very original, the weaving looks FAB
    Thank you so much
    Diva LIM
    "Less is More"

  3. Wonderful weaving. You have a lot of patience, and found a lovely way of using up spare pieces of ribbon. Lynn x

  4. Helen, your description of your creation process sounds just like my process for my paper-weaved card. I ended up with a card just like yours with the weaving sitting inside a window because it didn't work on top like I planned!
    You ended up with a gorgeous card anyway. :-)

  5. Well Done! makes a lovely card :-)