Thursday, 18 August 2011


Last night was due to be a Crop Evening in Lincoln.  As usual I left home and went to pick up a friend on the way... when I arrived Sue is normally outside waiting (with assorted bags), but there was no sign of her outside.

Soooo I went and rang her door bell, Sue then had to break the news to me... a text was sent at about 3.30pm to say the Crop had been cancelled as the lady who was running it was ill.  After checking my phone I found the text message, I had not heard it arrive (or checked my phone before leaving home).

Opps, in the end I joined Sue for a cuppa and a chat.  Sue mentioned that she had been working on some 'Envelope Books' I asked her what she meant (I had seen a mini-book created with C5 envelopes before).  The examples she showed me were amazing, each book was created out of 2 DL envelopes and has 4 pockets (provided you do not use the self seal envelopes).

The Envelope Books are ideal for general greetings or to be used to hold the new style of 'Gift Card'.  This started by brain working again... on the way back home I decided to have a go a creating a book.

The evening proved to be very productive and the book is nearly finished - I did take a number of photos last night but the light was rubbish.  As soon as I do get a decent set of photos I will add a 'How To...' and a few pictures.


  1. sounds like a fab evening, shame bout the crop. Look forward to seeing your pics and the how too :)

  2. Ohh dear - shame you missed the message but sounds like you had fun anyway :)